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Friday, 01 August 2008

Welcome to the 2CV Resource Site


Due to the high number of spam registrations, we have disabled self registration .  If you would like to register, use the contact us link to request registration and we will register you.  Please include the username you would like to be registered with.


You are probably thinking, not another 2CV site!!  Well yes I'm afraid so.  Our aim is to provide resources for owners of the 2CV, Ami, Dyane, Mehari, AK, and all 2CV based kit cars including Lomax, Blackjack, Deauville, Falcon, Manx, Voglietta, Pembleton  etc.


I have now added a blog section (September 2009) where I will be keeping a journal of the restoration of our 2CV.  The aim is not to bring it up to concours condition, but bring it back to a usable everyday vehicle.


What is on here? 


Hopefully in the future there will be much more including some videos of 2CVs in action.  We want this to be a community where everyone's contributions are welcome.


The site is designed to be easy to navigate, but if you have any problems, please use the contact us section to let us know.   If there is anything you would like added or any suggestions you would like to make (preferably not rude) then again, please let us know.


A little about my interest in 2CVs.  My wife and I have owned three since 1985 when we bought our first 2CV Special new which was white.  We owned it for 10 years and finally sold it when it failed the MOT because of chassis rot.  Knowing what I know now, I would have kept it and replaced the chassis.  While we had the Special, I bought a second hand Yellow 2CV whcih I kept for about two years and then sold it on.  Our current 2CV is a 1986 Dolly in Midnight Blue/Buttermilk Yellow which was bought on Ebay in March 2004.  We now live in France and the car was imported here in July 2006.  I have just repaired the floor using sections bought from the 2CV Club in Cassis, France and she has passed the Contrôle Technique (MOT equivalent) so is OK for another two years.

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