Our 2CV Restoration (Part 1)
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Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Our 2cv is starting to look a little sad and is in need of some TLC.
Over this winter, I propose to replace the sills, floors, A posts and front lower bulkhead as the rust has unfortunately taken it's toll.  As the car has already been fitted with a galvanised chassis, I feel it is worthwhile bringing the rest of the bodywork up to scratch.  All the panels that I can see need replacing have been purchased, either from ECAS in the UK or Cassis in France.  I already have a reasonably equipped workshop which includes a MIG welder.  Ideally, it would be nice to have a spot welder as well, but for the project I can't really justify the cost.
During the project I will include photos and costs as it progresses.
No photos at this stage, but hopefully in the next week or two.
Costs so far:
The book by Lindsay Porter How To Restore a Citroen 2CV :  £27.99 from Amazon. 
This book is an absolute must if you are thinking of doing any restoration work on a 2CV.  The photos are brilliant and have given me a great insight in what needs to be done and how to do it.
From ECAS I bought:
Description   Part Number  Cost (Pounds)
 Front floor (lower bulkhead) REP05  £34.26
 Pair of floor panels 95264ZP    £89.00


Description  Part Number  Cost (Euros)
 Left Sill  3335150  38.50
 Right Sill  3335151  38.50
 Left Door Pillar  3335170  64.95
 Right Door Pillar  3335171  64.95
 2 Upright Repair Sections  3335191  80.80
 2 Gussets  3335110  4.09
 Bonnet Catch  2901240  9.50
Auto Darkening Welding Mask On Ebay £23.95
Total Spend to date:
Sterling £175.20
Euros      301.29 (About £273 at todays exchange rate)
More next time.
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