Our 2CV Restoration (Part 2)
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Wednesday, 28 October 2009
It's taken a bit longer than I originally thought, but at last an update.
I have now started stripping the car down to see what the total extent of the rust damage is.

Along with what I had already discovered, there is bad corrosion at the rear particularly where the seat belt anchorages are.  Interestingly, the bump stop mounting are in good condition with no rot around them.  Although the seat belt mountings are bad, I have decided not to replace the complete inner wings, but will fabricate repair panels and weld them in.  Also, although I have bought complete 'B-Posts' I will probably only use the bottom sections of them because of the possible difficulties of removing the original door lock and upper seat belt mounts and getting them in the correct position.

You will see from the photos below the extent of the problems!!
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tn_PDRM0024_640x480.JPG tn_PDRM0025_640x480.JPG
 Rear Nearside Window
Rear Nearside Seatbelt Mount
Rear Nearside Seat Box Section
Rear Nearside Seat Box Section 
tn_PDRM0028_640x480.JPG tn_PDRM0029_640x480.JPG tn_PDRM0030_640x480.JPG
Nearside 'B-Post' Bottom
Nearside Lower Bulkhead/Floor
 Nearside Lower Bulkhead/Floor Rear Nearside Inner Wing
tn_PDRM0031_640x480.JPG tn_PDRM0032_640x480.JPG tn_PDRM0033_640x480.JPG
Rear Offside Seatbelt Mount
Rear Offside Sill
Rear Offside Inner Wing
Offside Lower Bulkhead/Floor
Offside 'A-Post' Bottom Offside 'B-Post' Bottom
Rear Offside Seat Box Section
Front Panel Below Vent Flap


Having looked at the car more thoroughly, I have purchased the following parts:


From ECAS I bought:(Prices in pounds)
Description  Part Number
(Pounds) Cost
Rubber gaiter around fuel filler neck to wing  G1715                   £6.62
Bonnet catch assembly, 2cv6 etc., complete  6137B  £28.60
Gris roues, aerosol for wheels and bumpers 400ml (2 Cans)  690  £16.40
Set screw, plated, 11mm head, M7 x 1.00, 25mm long, Per 25 (2 Boxes)  SS725  £14.68
Nut, plated, 11mm hex, M7 x 1.00mm pitch. Per 50 pieces.
 NT7100  £3.90
Washer, plated, Citroën type, 7.5mm hole x 14mm. Per 50  W714 £ 6.82
Total    £77.02
From Cassis:  (Prices in Euros)
Description Part Number

(Euros) Cost


Rear wing fixing kit                                                                             2300665


Plastic join for rear wing 2300662


Rear wing lower clip 2300670


Front floor cover plugs 3336088 4.04
Sill Trim Clips 2301911 6.20
Bonnet Stop Rubbers (Bonnet) 2902022 2.02
Bonnet Stop Rubbers (Bumper) 2901400 2.02
Large nut Front wing 2301720 13.20
Front Mudflap Left 2301635 4.40
Front Mudflap Right 2301835 4.40
Mudflap Rivets 2301850 3.10
Rear Seat Repair Section Top 3336044 47.40
Rear Seat End Left 3336060 17.70
Rear Seat End Right 3336061 17.70
Rear Seat Bottom 3336046 20.95
Overider Rubbers 2107035 15.10
Black Tape Front Bumper 2107038 2.20
Bonnet Sound Proofing 2901205 31.94
Centre Post Hinge Plug 3335180 2.02
Body Mounting Foam 2302098 11.66
Total    229.34

Running total in pounds: £720.97


I still have the paint to buy and will publish the cost when I know what it is.


When I have all of the panels, I will put some photos up.


'Til the next time



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