Our 2CV Restoration (Part 3)
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Wednesday, 30 June 2010
OK, it's been a while!!  The winter was cold and I didn't feel like freezing to death in the garage working on the 2CV.  Then came the spring and our garden (1.5 acres) required a lot of attention and time.  Enough of the excuses Embarassed
I have now uploaded some photos of the various parts purchased from Cassis and ECAS.
I have had the wings, bonnet, boot lid and a few other small pieces blasted and phosphated.  After much searching to find a sandblaster that could do car panels without destroying them, I finally found someone in Caen who could.  Interestingly, it was in the prison workshop.  I turned up with the panels in the back of our car and was chased out by two gendarmes.  Apparently, I should have made a rendevous which I subsequently did.  They have done a beautiful job on everything and no blasting damage.  I have to say the panels are in much better condition than I thought they would be.  All have now been given a coat of a zinc based primer until I am ready to paint them.  I will probably have the doors done as well, rather than have the tedious job of sanding them down.
Now the photos:
I have discovered the art of plug welding using my MIG welder.  For those whose don't know, it almost replicates the original spot welding that was used when the car was first made in the factory.  I have never done in before and with not being an experienced welder I couldn't believe how quickly I mastered it.   The guide I used can be found at the MIG Welding website.  I found this to be absolutely invaluable.  When I bought my secondhand MIG several years ago, I couldn't work out why the tip had two prongs on it.  I have now discovered it is for plug welding.  Some photos below of my efforts on the front floor box section and the rear seat platform. At this stage, no cleaning up has been done to the welds.


Not a bad job, even if I do say so myself!!
More money spent
From ECAS:
Part Number
(pounds) Cost
Seat belt anchorage repair panel inner rear wing 2cv left.
Seat belt anchorage repair panel inner rear wing 2cv right. REP08
Gutter trim chrome plastic embellishment moulding, 2cv, pair 1125P 12.00
Repair panel for bottom of A panel 2cv left
REP29 9.95
Repair panel for bottom of A panel 2cvright REP30 9.95
Fitting kit to hang torpedo silencer from 2cv floor. 3040K 14.75
Hanger, rubber ring, around ends of torpedo. (2)
15125 4.40
Indicator repeater light for rear of front wing 2cv. 503138 37.90
Total:    126.15
From Cassis:
 Part Number  (Euros)Cost
Nuts for headlamps (2)
 2301720  3.50
Washers for headlamp (2)
 2105097  4.84
Left front indicator
 2104010  19.73
Right front indicator
 2104011  19.73
Chassis captive nuts for body to chassis 
 1007140  13.20
Totals:    61.00
Other bits and pieces: (Converted to pounds)
Paint including zinc primer, filler primer, midnight blue, cream. 118.59
Portable brazing kit
Running total in Pounds: £1166.71
Hopefully, now I have got a head of steam up the work will progress more rapidly.
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